Speaking event: 24th September

Hannah Griffin, Ditto Creative, Brand Personality

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Athena Networking event on 24th Setember between 10 – 12 at the White Hart in Sevenoaks.

I’ll be talking about Exploiting your Brand Personality – how to find your unique voice and create an identity with emotional pull that will help you to attract and retain your dream clients. I’ll show you how to use your brand personality and communications to stand out and be distinctive. We’ll look at how to stand out above your competitors, and how to communicate with your authentic voice.

I’ll cover…

- Brand personality – what it is and why it matters

- Celebrating your unique differences

- Reconnecting with your values

- Using your brand to create an emotional connection with your clients

Fancy it? I’d love to see you there! For more information, click here.

This is a ladies-only event (sorry, boys!), but I hope to be speaking at other events soon, so keep your eyes peeled for future dates.


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Behind the scenes: Styling a brand identity

When clients visit the studio, they see the work table scattered with pantone chips, the bright visuals on the walls, vision boards and sketched ideas, they often comment on how fun it must be to work here. And you know what? It is fun. I thought you might like a behind the scenes peek at how we do things, Ditto-style…

Step one: The vision board & sketches

After a solid hour of discussion, questioning and challenging our unsuspecting clients, we’ve got a brief to answer. The next step is to decide upon their season personality, and discuss and debate the creative direction as a team. These sessions are so much fun! It’s a chance to explore our ideas, create a colour palette and think about how the clients’ business personality will best be communicated through design.

Sarah Gillmore sketches

Step two: presenting our creative direction

This is the first peek the client gets at their new identity. It’s a chance for us to sense-check the creative direction with them, and discuss our ideas. We’ll explain the colour psychology behind our choices, and talk about how this will influence the brand as we move to the development stage.



Step three: creative development

The part where our designs really come to life. I love seeing how the designers build a brand board – the way the typography is selected, development of icons and secondary logos, and the patterns which help add a special dimension to a brand. But the really exciting part is the visualisation stage, where we road test our designs and show off how they’ll work in real life.

Zed Music Cafe Sketches

Step four: presentation & sign off

The lovely thing about getting our clients in to discuss the creative direction is that they know the route our ideas are taking… and by the presentation meeting they’re totally excited and very ready to see what we’ve created!

Gift wrapped brand identity

From the sketching process, to the brainstorming and weekly creative meeting, we have a lot of fun on our branding projects. And our clients have fun too: they embrace the creativity and always seem to enjoy the process.

Aside from the fun though, clients always find a huge amount of clarity when we style their brand. We challenge them to think beyond what they’re doing right now, and get them to really focus on what they want to communicate. Yes, they sometimes grumble about being asked difficult questions (although I’m certain they forgive us eventually ;-) ), but digging beneath the surface and finding out what a brand is really all about is paramount in delivering a powerful brand identity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into how we do things! If you’d like to be emailed a brochure about our process and how we work, please drop us a line: studio@ditto.uk.com

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Powerful branding: What’s your story?

On sharing your story

I read a really interesting article just recently – which irritatingly I now can’t find to link back to – about how we should no longer think about marketing about b2b (business to business) or b2c (business to consumer), but rather think of it as h2h (human to human). Quite refreshing, don’t you think?

Human emotion is a powerful thing, and tapping into emotions on a personal level is a sure fire way to build genuine engagement. It’s all to easy to hide behind job titles and computer screens without ever giving away much of the real you. Besides, your personal life is personal, isn’t it? And anyway, who cares about your background and family life? I’d argue that if you’re in business, you’re missing a trick if you’re not sharing your personal story.

We instinctively place ourselves within a story when we read one. Storytelling allows your readers to live vicariously through your words, dipping into your world and creating a sense of empathy and recognition. We inherently love to have explanations for things; we like to know who, what, how and why to enable us to rationalise how we feel about something. The brands who willingly share their stories of how they came to be (Innocent, Boden, Joules, Not on the High Street – even Facebook) feel somehow more relatable than their counterparts. That’s because we know the people behind the business: we know their story, their early challenges and latter triumphs. We can relate to the time they were late to a big pitch meeting because the dog had to be rushed to the vets, and we empathise with that gut-wrenching numbness when a deal didn’t come through.

I’m not saying you should go and write a book about your business (although I won’t stand in your way!), or even to share every last little detail of what happened in your day – but consider sharing more of you in your business. Think about the ‘meet the team’ page on your website – does it tell the world about what matters to you? Perhaps your can adjust your social media profiles to share a bit more about the story of your business?

Put your heart out there – your clients will love you for it.

PS – If you’re interested in more about me (as if I don’t bore you enough already ;-) ), you can find me on Instagram where I share a mix of images from my work life and home life. If you’d like to see more of what I get up to, head on over and join me!


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