Proud to Present: Brand Styling for Holmes Search


Holmes Search is a niche recruitment company, specialising in recruitment within the compliance and financial crime sector. They take great pride in working with both the candidate and recruiter to find the perfect match, taking a long term view on the relationships they build with their clients. They excel at really understanding what the client needs, delivering the perfect candidate and supporting both the client and candidate a they move forwards.

The business has grown significantly since it was started by Mark Holmes, and the company were in need of a new look which reflected where their business is right now. They wanted a look which was more grown up, focussed and ambitious, while still reflecting their values. Their offices may be in Sevenoaks, but most of their clients are in London and they wanted their identity to appeal to those big corporate clients.


The season personality

Holmes Search is a winter personality, with spring subordinates. Efficiency, quality, ambition and drive are important to winter personalities – they’re grounded, focussed and get the job done with minimal fuss (most high end financial brands are winter peronalities). On the spring side, Holmes are a youthful, forward-thinking and approachable business. This s where getting the colour psychology profile of a company right is so important – pure Winter would be too cold and harsh for friendly Holmes, but pure Spring could leave them looking a bit too naive in a very driven and corporate market.

The colour palette

Red and grey form the base of the colour palette, with accent colours of cyan, aqua and zesty green. The green/blue tones are perfect to counter the potential aggression that red can present; we instinctively feel reassured by blues and greens, and the bright tones provide a pop of colour to the typical corporate colour palette.

The brand board


The visualisation

I love how well this brand has come together in the visualisations. The strong, clean lines of the logo contrast beautifully with the expressive script of the strap line, and the accent colours do their job brilliantly. The strap line ‘developing careers, delivering talent’, is incredibly strong and really sums up the brand message to perfection.

Branding Identity Mock-Up Vol4

Holmes Search brand identity by Ditto Brand Stylists

Holmes Search brand identity by Ditto Brand Stylists


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Proud to Present: Brand styling for Serenity Therapies


Serenity Therapies is a beauty salon in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, residing in a Georgian building on Tunbridge Wells High Street. As well as offering many of the usual treatments you’d expect from a beauty salon, they excel in massage and are gaining a strong reputation for inch loss and hair removal. With big plans for the future, which will involve taking the brand up a gear big time, the brand identity was really letting the side down. Customers regularly commented that they were surprised by their experience at Serenity as they felt the brand didn’t look particularly good – which is a huge sign that things needed to change!



The season personality

We identified Serenity as an Autumn personality, with Summer subordinates. Autumn businesses are passionate, ambitious and authentic. They’re approachable, welcoming and love to make people feel at home. They don’t get particularly excited by glitz and galmour, but love to do things properly and always to the best of their abilities. On the Sumer side, there’s a sense of quality, luxury and elegance to the business that’s very attractive to clients looking for a well-earned treat.

The colour palette

The colour palette balances Autumn and Summer perfectly. Inspired by Georgian interiors, we’ve selected a deep, inky blue, soft rose, mink, berry and sage green, set off against a metallic copper that adds depth and dimension. This colour palette is so sumptuous – it feels traditional, but with a modern twist.

The brand board

Serenity Therapies - brand board

I absolutely love this brand board. The logo is beautiful: strong and clean yet also romantic and grounded. The colour palette sits together perfectly, and the fonts are a beautiful combination of traditional and modern (I love the little quirks of the second brand font, Raleway). One of my favourite elements of the brand board is the beautiful S in the seal. The shape is so simple yet intricate, and it works so well in the visualisations. It’s so versatile!

The visualisation

Brand styling for Serenity Therapies, Tunbridge Wells

Serenity Therapies Tunbridge Wells brand identity

Serenity Therapies Tunbridge Wells business card

I can’t wait to see how this brand rolls out in real life. We’re already talking about producing printed tissue paper for wrapping products, sealed with the Serenity ‘stamp’ – it’ll look beautiful.

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Speaking event: 24th September

Hannah Griffin, Ditto Creative, Brand Personality

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Athena Networking event on 24th Setember between 10 – 12 at the White Hart in Sevenoaks.

I’ll be talking about Exploiting your Brand Personality – how to find your unique voice and create an identity with emotional pull that will help you to attract and retain your dream clients. I’ll show you how to use your brand personality and communications to stand out and be distinctive. We’ll look at how to stand out above your competitors, and how to communicate with your authentic voice.

I’ll cover…

- Brand personality – what it is and why it matters

- Celebrating your unique differences

- Reconnecting with your values

- Using your brand to create an emotional connection with your clients

Fancy it? I’d love to see you there! For more information, click here.

This is a ladies-only event (sorry, boys!), but I hope to be speaking at other events soon, so keep your eyes peeled for future dates.


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